The Beat Goes Autonomous

NOV 20


The Beat Goes Autonomous


SHOW: 7:00PM


Genre: Reggae/Ska/Rock

Band Members
Shae Bischoff: Vocals/Guitar/Keys
Chris Simpson: Drums
Joey Stanza: Bass
Dan Wiley: Trombone/Vocals
James Phillips: Lead Guitar
Andrea Fox: Saxophone

Hometown: Colorado

Record Label: KB Records

6 piece Reggae/Ska/Rock band emerging out of the smoke clouds of Colorado! Socially conscious lyrics, infectious grooves & colorful melodies!

Founding date: October 2012

AUTONOMOUS (Ah*tawn*ah*muss) is a 6 piece Reggae/Ska/Rock group spawning from various musical backgrounds. Ranging from the soft one drop of reggae, to upbeat ska grooves, to experimental and melodic harmonies, Autonomous blends various styles and genres together to create a musical palette all their own. Socially conscious lyrics, infectious grooves, and colorful melodies are just some of the attributes that Autonomous is bringing to the CO music scene!
Established in late 2012 composed of remaining members of local reggae/rock band, Primo Blend, Shae Bischoff, Will Giesler and Chris Simpson. with the addition of Jeremy Cuchaira on keys. The group immediately starting making waves, bringing in a familiar sound with heavy reggae,ska & rock influences while tastefully adding flavors so eclectic they can only be described as AUTONOMOUS! With the addition of bassist Joey Stanza in 2014 they released their first full length “Self-titled” album. Shortly after the release followed the departure of founding members Jeremy Cuchiara and Will Gielser. With a void left needing to be filled, Trombone/vocalist, Dan Wiley, was added in 2015. The band continued as a four piece till late 2017 when Lead Guitarist, James Phillips, was added along with Andrea Fox on Saxophone.shortly after the band released of their 2nd full length album “Free Under Lock & Key” in Oct 2018 and is currently available for purchase and streaming on all musical outlets!
Autonomous has supported many national, international, and local acts through out the years and look forward to supporting many more in the years to come. AUTONOMOUS continues to create new music that is not only diverse but also promotes messages of positivity, unity, and love, while still maintaining an almost punk-rock mentality of rebellion, and anti-establishmentarianism.

Reggae, Ska, Jazz, Experimental, Post Rock, Prog, Hip Hop, Psychedelic/Jam, Stoner metal

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