The Beat Goes On for Dayton with the Jeffrey Dallet Band

OCT 01


The Beat Goes On for Dayton with the Jeffrey Dallet Band


SHOW: 7:00PM


We’re THRILLED to bring Jeffrey back after too much time in between. But his music is in rotation and now he has a full band!

Jeffrey is from Dayton Ohio and some of us have spent time there. We are saddened by the recent tragedy there in the popular entertainment area called the Oregon District. We feel it necessary to support the people affected by this and remember the lost, Please come out and help us keep entertainment districts where ever they are safe like our own Tejon Street.

For Jeffrey Dallet, songwriting has been a major part of his life for a long time. Writing folk songs and performing solo worked out just fine for the artist for years. It was more recently Dallet began working on putting together a full band. Finding quickly that writing songs for a band was a different feel, he ended loving the challenge. After going through some lineup changes, he finally brought the right musicians for the job.

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